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If you like to laugh, cry, fall in love, feel some steam, and face-palm at corny dad jokes, C.J. is the author for you. C.J.’s books tackle tough topics, but mixes them in with adorable cinnamon rolls, dumb jokes, and moments that make you squee with joy. All of C.J.’s books are LGBTQ+ with a diverse representation.

C.J’s debut “Dad Jokes and Pine Cones” is OUT!!! In eBook and paperback on multiple online retailers! It is a contemporary m/m rom-com with drama. Check out the “books” page for more information!

There may be other genres in the waiting “to-edit” pile (shifters anyone?) 

dad jokes and pine cones

We’re thrilled to announce C.J.’s debut novel is OUT!

Dad Jokes and Pine Cones is a hilarious, emotional book with fun and sweet characters that will bring you joy and make you cry.

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What are readers saying about Dad jokes and pine cones?

More and more reviews and ratings are coming in on Amazon, Goodreads, and Apple books. Dad Jokes and Pine Cones has even hit booktok! Check out a few of the reviews, then hit up the sites to see more for yourself.

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Reviews for dad jokes and pine cones

Dad Jokes and Pine Cones by CJ Banks is a lovely story about a Dad navigating through grief, single fatherhood, and continuing to move on to find love. I loved this story and can’t wait to read more from CJ Banks.

The jokes and love keeps coming through out this book its a laugh out loud book plus a emotional roller coster [sic] 5 stars

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